Muay Thai

Muay Thai is classified as one of the most powerful styles of martial arts known today because Thai fighters utilize the maximum power in every technique which is generated by the twisting of hips and waist in execution of the movement.  Bone strength, endurance, and stamina must be achieved in order to become a proficient Thai fighter.

This art is where the elbows, shins, fists, and knees are used to pummel the opponent.  The fists and shins are used for long-range combat while the elbows and knees are used for short-range combat.

Muay Thai is sometimes called "Thai Boxing" or "Thai Kickboxing" because the techniques of this style are not practiced in sets commonly referred to as "forms" – Kata's or Koso's, which can be found in Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts.  They are however, practiced in much the same manner as in regular western boxing (hence the addition of the term "Boxing"), which allows the practitioner to develop power, speed, and a spontaneous reaction to attacks.